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​What is the International IC Japan Association?

​Build trust by changing each person

IC (Initiatives of Change) is an organization established in London as Moral-Re-Armament (MRA) in 1938.

Each of us listens to the voice of the (good) heart and changes for the better, home, workplace, school, community, country,

As a result, it is a practical activity to bring about good changes between peoples and countries.

Since its inception, the organization has said, "When faced with a person you want to change or a country you want to change, the first thing you have to do is change yourself. Can also be changed. "

I have been advocating the idea. A bridge of trust around the world that transcends differences in religion, race, ethnicity, etc.

I made it. Currently, we are active in more than 60 countries around the world as a UN-certified NGO.


IC Philosophy

MISSION -IC mission-

A Better World Through You and Me.
A better society depends on how each person should be

VISION -What the IC is aiming for-

The Heart of Transformation.
Foster your own heart and build a bond of trust

VALUE -IC Code of Conduct-

Absolute Moral Standards of Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, and Love.
Absolute moral standard of honesty, chastity, selflessness, love * Excerpt from Dr. Frank Bookman's words

​History of IC

​Introducing the history of international ICs so far


Postwar reconciliation between Germany and France

Immediately after World War II, the IC (now MRA), with special permission from GHQ, invited representatives of German circles to the international conference of Swiss Coe, where they reconciled with their long-time enemy, the French. I proceeded with. Madame Irene Law, a member of the French Socialist Party at the time, hated the Germans very much because his son was tortured by the Gestapo in front of him when he was participating in the resistance movement against the Nazis. did. When she was invited to come to this MRA conference hall, there were a lot of Germans. Immediately, when I was about to pack up my luggage, Dr. Bookman asked me, "Do you think Europe can be rebuilt without Germany?" She returned to her room, worried for three days and three nights, and thought through it. When she had a meal with the Germans, she apologized for the hatred she had for Germany, and apologized from the podium of the large conference hall while many Germans were nervous and watching. The German delegation was thrilled, which led to the construction of a reconciliation bridge between the two countries.

Japan's return to the international community

      Reconciliation with Asia Pacific countries

In 1950, the MRA (IC) brought 72 Japanese delegations, including business people, trade union leaders, governors, mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, educators, and politicians, to the Swiss MRA World Congress. I was invited to. The fact that the Japanese, who had lost their self-confidence due to the defeat, were warmly accepted by the people of the world and had the opportunity to hear the experiences of many reconciliations between the people of each country, such as the reconciliation between Germany and France and labor-management cooperation, had a great impact on these delegations. Gave. A group of parliamentarians said at the US Congress on their way home that Chojiro Kuriyama said, "It is regrettable that Japan has broken the friendship between the two countries for a century. Instead, the generous United States forgave Japan and not only acknowledged Japan's survival, but also helped with the reconstruction. "

This apology was not only in the US Congress, but also in the weekly magazine "Saturday Evening Post", "This act of admitting the failure of our country gave a fresh shock." There must always be a point to say, "It was a complete failure at that time," and received great praise.

  In 1955, President Ramon Magsaysay of the Philippines welcomed representatives of MRA from Japan and Asia to Manila, where the scars of war were vivid.
Rep. Jiro Hoshishima apologized for Japan's past mistakes here, paving the way for a compensation agreement that had been difficult negotiations for four years.

At the MRA conference held in Baguio, Philippines in 1957, a representative from Japan made a sincere apology to the people of Asia.
As a result, we were able to reconcile with a representative from South Korea who did not even talk to the representative of Japan at first, and it became a stepping stone to conclude the Japan-Korea Treaty.

Many other reconciliation activities have been undertaken around the world, including the bloodless independence of Morocco in Africa, the peaceful transition from a white government to a black government in Zimbabwe, and the newly independent South Sudan. I am.


Dr. Frank Bookman

Frank Buchman (IofC Founder)

Born in the United States in 1878. In 1938, he preached, "The key to paving the way for true peace and democracy is not the power of armaments, but the morals and spiritual power of each of us," beyond the differences of race, religion, and ethnicity. He founded MRA (renamed IC in 2001) to build a global network of people working together to create a new world.


Born in Pennsylvania, USA.
Studied theology at Muhlenberg College.


Begin caring for underprivileged boys in Philadelphia. Eventually, the facility will be managed by six directors, but at one point, the board was resentful and resigned when the board cut down on the boys' food expenses due to lack of funds. The angry and unhealthy doctor embarks on a journey to visit Kezwig, the Lake District of England. There, he wrote an apology letter to the six directors who realized their guilt and hated him at the church he entered by chance. This experience of atonement that freed the doctor's mind is his first turning point.


Hear the Washington Naval Treaty with a British military adviser.

At this time, I realized that no matter how good a peace plan is, it is meaningless unless the human heart is changed. The doctor quit his job at university and went to England.

There, it influenced many Oxford University students, etc.

I started a new mental movement.
This is the second turning point.


Re-arming the morals and spirits to replace disarmament is the way to world peace and prosperity.
With the conviction that it must proceed on a world-wide scale
He advocated the MRA (Moral Re-Arma) movement for the whole world.

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